Hemis to Tsomoriri Trek

(14 - 16 days)

The trek starts from the famous Hemis monastery around 45 kms away from Leh near the Indus valley river and enters Rupsho crossing the Kongmaru La (5110m). This area is a part of the Changthang Plateau, The Changthang is the home to the Chagpa Nomads and 700 species of medicinal and wild plants are recorded. The high altitude lakes of Tokar (Salt Lake), Tsomoriri and Pangong Lakes are breeding ground for rare birds like Black necked crane and other migratory birds ruddy shelduck, sand piper and grassland for Kyang (Tibetan Wild Ass) and Blue Sheeps. This region, is also known as the land of the nomads.

The area is also an important wildlife sanctuary, harboring snow leopards and wild asses, as well as various species of birds, such as Black Necked Crane.

Day 01: Leh to Hemis to Shang Sumdo

Day 02: Shang Sumdo to Lartsa

Day 03: Lartsa to Nimaling via Kongmaru 5130m

Day 04: Nimaling to Yakrupal

Day 05: Yakrupal to Sogra via Zalungkarpo La (5100m)

Day 06: Sogra to Dat

Day 07: Dat to Lungmochey

Day 08: Lungmochey to Pangmur

Day 09: Pangmur to Numa

Day 10: Numa to Daktago

Day 11: Daktago to Zozinggo via Thalakung La (4900m)

Day 12: Zozinggo to Gyama via Lanyarla (5500m)

Day 13: Gyama to Korzok Phu via Nyalangnyugu La (5100m)

Day 14: Korzok Phu to Tsomoriri Lake

Day 15: Tsomoriri to Leh (Drive)

Highest Point : Nakpo Gonzing Pass 5390mts

Grade: Medium-Strenous

Duration: 16 Days