Ladakhi Homestays

A trip to Ladakh is a journey back in time. The Ladakhi people have a great hospitable nature and here you will see first hand the landscapes and culture of “Little Tibet”. If you want to really get to know your destination then what better way than incorporate a family home stay into your trip? This fun packed itinerary includes 5-7 days working on a volunteer project and staying n a local Ladakhi home.

We use locally run accommodation and furthermore support heritage buildings and authentic building materials. All facilities and services are locally provided.

Each day here you’ll have a chance to take part in a variety of community service initiatives. Teach math, English, or computer skills to your friendly neighbors or the novice monks at the nearby ancient monastery. Work alongside your family harvesting apricots or barley in this fertile river valley, or contribute to rebuilding a village stupa that was damaged by recent flooding. After a day of hard work, return home for a feast prepared with local produce from the family farm or go for a sunset camel ride along the nearby sand dunes. You will never forget this remote high-mountain service adventure in one of the most culturally vibrant and scenic areas of the world.

As a visitor you will be provided:
– a clean, comfortable room (with candle or solar light), furnished in the Ladakhi style
– traditional Ladakhi meals, cooked hygienically using eco-friendly methods
– clean solar-boiled spring water to drink
– a clean traditional dry-composting toilet the opportunity to enjoy the rhythm of life in a village where farming and livestock herding has been the way of life for centuries