Lamayuru to Padum Trek

(18 - 20 days)

This trek commences from Padum the main town in the Zanskar valley. On the drive to Padum we have to halt overnight at the predominantly Muslim town of Kargil after which a diversion off the main Leh-Srinagar highway leads into the breathtaking land of Zanskar.

Day 01: Leh to Lamayuru (3600m) 7hrs. By taxi, on the way visit to Likir, Alchi and Rizong monasteries.

Day 02: Lamayuru to Wanla via Prikriti la(3250m) 2.-3 hrs.

Day 03: Wanla to Hanupata 5-6 hrs

Day 04: Hanupata to Photoksar 5-6 hrs

Day 05: Photoksar to Sengge La 5-6 hrs

Day 06: Sengge La to Styangs 5-6 hrs

Day 07: Styangs to Lingshed 5-6 hrs

Day 08: Lingshed to Nyetse 4-5 hrs

Day 09: Nyetse – Pishu 5-6 hrs

Day 10: Pishu to Karsha 4-5hrs

Day 11: Karsha to Padum 3-4 hrs

Highest Point: Singela 5000 m

Grade: Strenuous

Duration: 11-12 Days