LEH Da – Hanu – LEH

1 Day: Leh to Dah Hanu
Down the Indus between Khaslatse and Shayok- Indus confluence, like a people, known Drok-pa Buddhist in name, but racially and culturally district from the rest of the Ladakhis. The route follows the Indus river down from Khalatse leads to Bima and Dah. The special interest of this region of Drok-pa is less the landscape than its Drok-pa inhabitants. Over night camp at Dah.

2 Day: Bema – Dah – Achinathang
Next journey being to go another Drok-pa dominated region called Bima. The features of inhabitants are pure Indo-Aryan and they appear to have preserved their racial purity down the centuries. Their culture and religious practices and akin to the ancient pre-Buddhist animist religion known as Bonchos than Buddhism as practised in the rest of Ladakh. One curious features is their abhorrence of the cow or any of its products. They have preserved their ancient tradition and way of life partly through the celebration of the triennial Bonova festival, a celebration of harvest and partly through their songd and hyms. One of these is description of Ibex hunt, for the Ibex is specially sacred to them. Overnight camp at Achinathang.

3 Day: Achinathang to Leh
Retrace the route to Leh, on way back visiting the famous Alchi, Likir and Spituk monasteries.