Phyang Festival

Full Day at Phyang Festival
Drive to Phyang Monastery after taking breakfast and witness the famous Phyang Festival (One of the major festivals of Buddhists, Phyang festival is celebrated every year in the month of July with much fanfare).

Phyang Monastery:
Phyang Monastery, 20km. west of Leh is remarkably built on the hilltop, similar to the Likir monastery. This monastery belongs to the Degungpa Order. It was the first monastery, which introduced the Degungpa teaching of ‘Skyob Jigsten Gonbo’ in Ladakh that was founded by Chosje Danma Kunga, during the reign of King Jamyang Namgyal in the 16th Century A.D. Phyang also has a festival called ‘Phyang Tseruk’ on the 2nd & 3rd of the 6th month of Tibetan Calendar. Phyang Tsedup takes place in July / August. Like other monasteries, monks wearing colorful brocade robes and Mask in the form of different god and goddesses perform mask dances. The huge Thanka of Skyoba Giksten Gonbo is hung in the courtyard during the festival.